Corporate Work

Having worked with national nonprofits, local government agencies, private colleges, and more, my team and I are more than prepared to tell your story with photo and video. I can work directly with your team to plan out and implement an effective marketing strategy, or I can slot myself into your preexisting plan to capture and deliver content in a timely manner.

woman singing on stage with a large led wall behind her and lights shining all around
man swinging a golf club
men, woman, and children dancing with purple gloves on celebrating the fight against cancer

Request a quote

The first step of the process is getting on the phone for a free consultation call to figure out what is needed and what the cost will be. As an estimate, below are my rates:

1/2 Day Rate (less than 3 hours on site within 60 mile radius)

- $600

Day rate

- $1000

Multi Day Shoot

- $800 per day