366 days of photography...

In 2020 I made the rash decision to capture a beautiful photo every day for the whole year and post them all to Instagram. To add to it, it was a leap year. I learned a lot, grew a lot, complained a lot, and took a whole lot of photos! I learned that there is a lot more beauty around us that we often acknowledge, in fact, so much so that I put a selection of my photos together into a book dedicated to my wife (the most beautiful thing around me ;) Unfortunately there is only one copy and it is sitting on our coffee table so you won't be able to see it unless you come over for dinner.

I have grown to enjoy the beauty of the mundane, and I find that it is that same beauty which helps me to enjoy filming weddings, photographing graduates, or taking family photos. Yes, each of those things is beautiful on its own, but after time, they can each blur into one another, however, as long as I keep my eye open for the unique mundane beauties, I never get board. I hope you can find some beauty in mundane today.

man in swim trunks jumping over the camera into a pond
man mid backflip jumping into pond
boy sliding on a slip-n-slide with water spraying
kitting with two paws leaning over the back of a laptop
boy slipping and wiping out on a slip-n-slide water spraying everywhere
close up of a bee trying to escape through a window
artistic photo of a hand signing "I love you" held outside of a moving car window
minimal photo of a green expanse outside of a parking garage
landscape photo with purple clouds and an orange sky
t-shirt hang drying on a close line