Before you share your story..

I was born and raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, surrounded by corn and dairy cows, but moved to Northeast Georgia to study counseling psychology at Toccoa Falls College. It was the first day of freshman orientation that I met the woman who is now my wife, Campbell Woodmansee (now Wiedemeier). She was also a counseling psychology student! It was also at TFC that I began to explore the world of photography and videography.

I won the campus-wide photography contest my freshman year and was offered a job by the marketing department days later. Soon I had taken over my church's instagram and got another job as a photographer at a summer camp. Rounding out my career experience, I have been the digital arts intern at The Pointe Church in Toccoa and I held the digital arts chair of the Student Government Association at TFC. And then a friend asked me to film their wedding. (Below are stills from my first wedding film)

Picture of a bride and groom at the altar with their officiant
Picture of the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids
artistic photo of a wedding venue with clouds in the background
photo of the bride and groom standing next to each other with arms at their side and a lake in the background
picture of a hand holding up an old photo of the couple
couple standing in front of a lake
close up video still of the groom getting emotional while reading vows
close of video still of the bride putting the grooms ring on his finger

I've come a long way

In 2020 I challenged myself to post a professional quality post on Instagram every single day for 366 days in a row. It was a leap year. You can find all 366 posts on my instagram It was fun but I am never doing that again!

Now, over 32,000 photos and more than 2000gb of video later, I would say I have a pretty good idea what I'm doing! There are more things for me to learn of course - and I will always have room for improvement for sure - but I have never been more ready to use videography and photography to tell your story!

If you are lucky enough to meet my wife Campbell, tell her I said "Hi!"

Things I've learned along the way

Color Grading is key

I treat your wedding video like they do in Hollywood. Rather than just take it out of camera and call it good, I spend close to 30% of my time working on your video, making the colors beautiful.

Sound Design locks you in

A wedding video that sounds "recorded" will pull you right out of the moment. I always use redundancy to ensure the most lifelike audio at all times.

Its all about the story

I've learned that the best way to get you a video that reminds you of your day is to listen twice as much as I talk. I want to hear your story and retell it in a visually stunning way.

Always above and beyond

I may be making a video in service to you, but I strive to do everything I do to the glory of God. When I produce a film, I want it to be so good God plays it on the big screen!

Enough about me!

I would love to hear from you. What are you looking for in a wedding videographer or photographer? How did you two meet? Tell me all about it!

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